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From the moment you get in your kayak on Morro Bay, you'll be surrounded by an amazing amount of wildlife. Birds are literally everywhere. Pelicans wheel overhead while ducks, grebes and cormorants dive for fish around your kayak. Flocks of shorebirds like sandpipers flit across the mud flats and may suddenly burst into flight, especially if one of the peregrine falcons nesting on Morro Rock is out hunting.  Several types of marine mammals call Morro Bay home and are often seen. Curious harbor seals sometimes follow groups of kayakers while raucous sea lions hauled out on floating barges my bark at you as you pass by. Charismatic sea otters roam through the bay, searching for crabs and other food. You may be reluctant to return to the docks once you make friends with all the wildlife on Morro Bay!

​​The Wildlife

Easily accessed only by boat, the sand dunes on the far side of the bay are pristine and magical. This long narrow strip of land protects Morro Bay from the open ocean waves and is the goal of many kayak journeys onto the bay. Once you beach on the dunes, you are free to roam all the way to the ocean side, which is a little less than 1/2 mile away. Odd looking dunes plants abound and there are even piles of shells left over from the Native Americans who used to live and hunt in these dunes. The sand dunes are especially attractive to kids (isn't there a kid inside of us all), who love to run and jump on the steep dunes faces and explore the beach looking for shells, sand dollars and other items. Perhaps the best feature of the sand dunes is that they are completely wild and untouched – no busy parking lots, no crowds – just you, the sand, the water, and Morro Rock looming in the distance.


Come explore the estuary of Morro Bay's back bay by kayak and immerse yourself in the natural world. Healthy estuaries (where salt and fresh water meet and mingle) and wetlands are increasingly rare in California, especially in coastal areas. Lacking the heavy human impacts of many coastal bays, Morro Bay's estuary supports a fully functioning ecosystem that is part of the National Estuary Program. It's easy to access the estuary from the Kayak Shack rental location. Grab a kayak and meander among the channels that twist and wind through mud flats and salt marsh. A tremendous amount of wildlife, especially birds, will keep you company in this peaceful world. If you sit still long enough in one of the back channels, you may find birds and other wildlife forget you are there and may pass within a paddle length of your kayak.

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